Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve: symptoms and treatment

Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, the symptoms and treatment of which depends on the extent of the lesion, is a common problem. It is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor to choose the most appropriate therapy.


Symptoms of pinching the nerve

External signs of pinch

Types of injections for treatment

In what cases is the therapy prescribed by injections?

The most popular drugs


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Blockade of nerve impulses

How to accelerate the process of treatment?

Symptoms of pinching the nerve

pinching the nerve

The most obvious sign that you have a pinch of the sciatic nerve is severe pain. Usually it is localized in the lumbar region, it covers the entire buttock and is sent to the thigh. Also, discomfort affects the lower leg, passes through the entire leg and can give in the thumb. Pain can be characterized as weak, aching and pulsating or acute - all depends on the degree of pinching. It is also possible to recognize such a violation by the occurrence of short attacks of pain, or lumbago, throughout the body.

The person begins to complain about the numbness of the limbs, he is tormented by constant burning and tingling in the buttocks and hamstring. Soreness can affect the legs and feet, but this does not always happen. The discomfort is significantly strengthened when sitting on the buttocks - burning and tingling in the back and legs is increasing. The patient experiences the least discomfort lying on a soft flat surface.

the nerve is squeezed

When the nerve is squeezed, painful sensations are greatly enhanced with any activity: movements of the body, lifting of the weight or usual coughing. A person meets with enormous difficulties during walking, the disease prevents him from leading a full-fledged lifestyle. With prolonged absence of drug therapy, muscle weakness may develop, which provokes serious complications later.

External signs of pinch

Back pain is a clear symptom of a person having an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Usually it is paroxysmal, greatly enhanced by physical activity or any movement. People who have already encountered this problem can characterize this discomfort as sharp, burning, sharp and piercing sensations, which are amplified by the slightest movement. At the very beginning of the development of the disease, the pain is localized in one place, usually in the lower back, but over time it extends to the hips, buttocks, and can extend straight to the foot. You can recognize this problem by:

1. Change gait - a sick person tries to lean and lean on a healthy side. Because of this, his gait changes, and the walking speed slows down considerably. The person begins to flex his / her foot with the side affected by the inflammation.

2. Decreased sensitivity - because the nerve can not function properly, not all nerve impulses come to the brain. However, this can work in the opposite direction, when the slightest touch seems to man to be the strongest gift.

3. Feeling of burning and numbness - due to the fact that a person begins to feel badly his legs, he can fall down, stumble on an even place. In this regard, he is constantly looking for an external support.

4. Weakness of the muscular skeleton on the side of the lesion - due to the fact that the nerve column is broken, the nerve endings can not receive all nerve impulses.

pain caused by sciatica may be different

It should be noted that the pain caused by sciatica may be different. At the very beginning of the pathology development, a person feels slight discomfort, then the discomfort becomes similar to the one that arises from blowing. Over time, the patient may become completely immobile, because any movement brings severe pain.

Types of injections for treatment

To provoke an inflammation of the sciatic nerve can a huge number of various factors. Most often this leads to serious injuries, hypothermia, spine diseases. To determine the most effective treatment, it is necessary to undergo a complete diagnostic complex. To restore the normal state can be applied manual or vacuum therapy. If the effect of such treatment is not observed for a long time, injections are prescribed. With their help you can get rid of soreness, and also remove inflammation. For the purpose of relieving discomfort, drugs can be injected:

- intramuscularly;

- intravenously;

- in the epidural space of the spine.

Types of injections

Determine the exact dosage of the active substance of the injections will be able only by the attending physician on the basis of diagnostic methods. The most popular drugs are anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal, as well as painkillers. It must always be remembered that such remedies relieve only of pain, massage and therapeutic exercises will help to completely get rid of inflammation.

In what cases is the therapy prescribed by injections?

To get rid of pinched nerve in the initial stages will be possible with the help of conventional tablets. However, in some cases, their use is unacceptable. The injections are always prescribed for stomach diseases or if there is an oncology in the digestive tract. Also, the use of tablets is impractical with insufficient nutrient assimilation. In such cases, the doctor determines the individual way of treatment. It is necessary to identify which drug and in what dose it is needed.

The result from the injection of injections occurs much faster than from the reception of tablets.

Among the advantages of using pricks to get rid of the pain caused by a pinch of the sciatic nerve is the speed of the result - after a few minutes a person feels a serious relief. Despite this, the use of too high doses of the active substance leads to serious complications from the cardiovascular system.

 injections are always prescribed for stomach diseases

The most popular drugs

It should be borne in mind that all drugs for injections with a pinch of the sciatic nerve have their own characteristics and contraindications. For this reason, it is strongly advised not to prescribe medicament therapy alone - only the attending physician can do this on the basis of diagnostic tests.

Names of preparations Group Active substance Advantages and disadvantages Approximate cost
Diclofenac, Voltaren, Diclobert, Orthophene Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Diclofenac Rapid onset of relief, short duration of action, high risk of side effects. From $0.25 to $10.
Dexamethasone, Methylprednisolone, Prednisone Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Cortisol Eliminate not only the pain, but also swelling in the nerve fibers. You can not use more than 5-6 days - there are side effects. From $3 to $6.
Trigamma, Milgamma, Neurobion Vitamin Complexes Vitamins B1, B6, B12 They struggle with discomfort, in 50% of cases there are side effects. From $4 до $20.
Novocain, Lidocaine Blockade Novocain / Lidocaine Have high efficiency, can cause an allergic reaction. From $0.5 до $2.5.

In cases where drug treatment of pinch of the sciatic nerve for a long time does not bring any result, specialists review the tactics of exposure: non-steroid drugs are replaced with steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


The most important thing in pinching the sciatic nerve is to reduce soreness and ease the person's life. Only after this, you can proceed to medical treatment. Painkillers are able to spread quickly through the blood, which provides an almost instantaneous relief. The most popular means are:

1. Analgesics narcotic - are applied only at an intolerable pain.

2. Analgesics - appointed in cases where the patient suffers from intolerance to non-steroid drugs. It helps not only to relieve pain, but also to relieve fever.

3. Muscle relaxants - are a supplement to anti-inflammatory drugs, instantly relieve spasm in the affected area.

4. Blockade Novocaine - prevents the transmission of nerve impulses, and relieve pain.

5. Glucocorticoids - are used for severe pain syndrome. Excellent inflammation, especially when inserted into the intervertebral space.

Remember, all appointments should be made by the attending physician.

Prescribe therapy with such drugs can only be the attending physician. To determine the required dose, it is necessary to know exactly the extent of the lesion, as well as the susceptibility of the organism to various drugs. To accelerate the recovery process, a variety of vitamin complexes are used. Most often they will include B vitamins and macronutrients.

Prednisone eliminate not only the pain

Prednisone is able to help during any severe disease. Its spectrum of action is broad that it covers almost all known diseases of autoimmune, allergic, and tumour origin. It is used all over the world and due to its strong action this medicine has already saved many lives.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

With the help of the NSPV it will be possible to quickly get rid of the focus of inflammation. The active substances of such drugs act on the root of the nerve end, where pain occurs. The most popular injections of such a group are Diclofenac and Movalis. Also, incorrectly selected therapy causes serious complications that threaten the patient's life. For this reason, you do not need to waste time on therapy with folk remedies.

Folk remedies do not have the same efficacy as medicamental anti-inflammatory drugs.

To get rid of shooting neuralgia in the back and throughout the body will help Arthrosan. Such a drug is the most modern of the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. With the help of such injections it is possible to quickly remove the inflammation and pass the painful sensations. Such drugs are administered intramuscularly. On average, a full course of therapy takes about 7 injections. Already by the 3rd procedure the patient practically does not feel pain and discomfort. It must be remembered that pregnancy is an absolute contraindication to such treatment.

Voltaren is used to relieve the inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis), and ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis and stiffness of the spine).

Blockade of nerve impulses

Sometimes the pinch of the sciatic nerve arises from excessive overstrain of the muscle tissue that passes through the spine. If you inject Novokaina or Lidocaine directly into the trapezius muscle, the pain goes away after 10 minutes. The advantage of this therapy is its speed, but you need to consider that you can use these drugs not more than 4 times a month. Remember that the use of lidocaine or Novocaine is only a temporary measure, it does not affect the cause of the pain itself. With the help of such tools, you can urgently regain your motor activity. Among the undoubted advantages of using such funds can be identified:

- Rapid relief from soreness and discomfort;

- Impact on the lesion;

- Absence of side effects;

- Getting rid of puffiness, inflammation, muscle tension, and spasm of blood vessels.

process of treatment

How to accelerate the process of treatment?

It is strictly forbidden to prescribe injections to oneself without consulting a treating specialist with neuritis. Only he can find the right and safe dose, which will not cause side effects and serious complications. During the injections, you can follow the following recommendations to speed up the recovery process:

1. Regularly do usual or jar massage. It is best to use anti-inflammatory warming ointments.

2. Carry out applications with heated wax. To do this is very simple: treat the skin of the back with any fat, then apply it warmed-up beeswax. Apply a few layers, then cover the back with cellophane and wrap in a warm blanket. When the wax completely cools down, you can remove it.

3. Rub your back with a tincture of pine buds or dandelion flowers. Prepare it you can both independently and find in any pharmacy.

4. Do not forget to exercise regularly. When the pain subsides, sit on your buttocks and move around the room, make a bicycle, rotate your hips, stretch. So you can return to the shape of the muscular skeleton.

recommendations to speed up the recovery process

Determine the effective drugs and treatment of the sciatic nerve, the symptoms of which are in pain, can be qualified by the attending physician. It is strongly advised against prescribing injections at home.


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