Prednisolone - an ambiguous drug!

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A Few products can boast such a number of indications and possibilities, but do not have many products such as serious side effects, contraindications, warnings.

So what kind of a drug - prednisolone?

Prednisone is the hormonal drug.

Many of us at the mention of the term "hormone preparation" immediately eliminates the desire to use it. However, do not rush to turn over the page.

With skillful use of hormonal drugs can be of great benefit. Thus it is possible to minimize unwanted effects from the use of such means. Prednisolone acts on the central nervous system and through this influence covers the whole human body.

Prednisolone reduces inflammation, inhibits the work of immunity, relieves allergic reactions, as well as displays the toxic substances from the body.

Prednisolone affect the operation of certain parts of the brain and inhibits the production of certain hormones.

This influence affects the chemical composition of the blood. It reduces the number of lymphocytes and eosinophils - indicators of inflammation in the body, but it increases the number of red blood cells.

Through the effect on the production of proteins in the body, prednisolone inhibits allergic reactions and inflammatory processes. Assign prednisolone with joint problems, including diseases of the joints, provoked by infection, bronchial asthma, blood cancer. In violation of the chemical composition of the blood, caused by infections.

A good effect is the use of prednisolone for various skin diseases of internal nature, such as eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Tests were conducted on the effectiveness of prednisolone for liver and kidney. Due to the fact that suppresses the activity of macrophages of prednisolone and operation of local immunity, it can be used to treat certain autoimmune diseases.

If you have an eye disease such as conjunctivitis noninfectious etiology, inflammation in the cornea, sclera, or the eyeball.

If you have had any surgery on the eyeball or injure him, prednisolone can reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing.

Prednisolone perfectly absorbed by the body. He quickly enters the bloodstream and the highest number in the blood observed after half an hour after administration. Processed prednisolone by the liver, and is evacuated from the body three hours later.

If large quantities of the drug can greatly increase body weight, disrupt the adrenal glands, in the stomach increases the synthesis of gastric juice, which can lead to development of ulcers.

The use of prednisone displays salts of certain elements from the body that can trigger the development of osteoporosis in adults and growth disorders in children.

Perhaps a persistent elevation of blood pressure, blood clotting increases. The use of prednisone may be adversely affected, and to the eyes. This results in occurrence of cataracts and glaucoma latent. Due to the fact that prednisolone inhibits the immune system, any, even the smallest scratch can heal for a long time, can start vesicate.

You can often get sick colds and viral diseases, as well as any other infectious disease.

With prolonged use at high doses may impair the central nervous system, which is expressed in mental disorders. Use prednisolone only on prescription and under his constant supervision. Then the number of side effects will be reduced to a minimum.

Before use, you need to consult with a specialist.


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