Prednisolone tablets: advantages and disadvantages.

This pharmacological agent has many medicinal properties. It would seem: a panacea! But it was not there. Not what other medication is causing so much controversy on the feasibility of its application, given the side effects that can cause prednisolone tablets. But first things first. First, determine what the prednisolone. The drug is available in a variety of forms, the most common and convenient of them – the tablet. They consist of a dry hydrocortisone. As corticosteroid drug tablets have a weak and a strong anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effect.

The therapeutic effect

In preparation valued its immunomodulating properties. Therefore Prednisolone tablets used in the treatment of various diseases as an effective means of quickly eliminating the most frightening symptoms such as suffocating swelling. We consider it possible more in detail.

So Prednisolone:

It inhibits the activation of IL-1 and IL-2 cytokines groups, destructive immune activity, the production of immune bodies.

Localize inflammation and the production of histamine.

It reduces the production of allergic mediators, reducing allergies.

It removes from the state of shock.

It cleanses the body of toxins.

Reduces the emission of the hormones.

Normalizes CNS functioning.

It promotes the production of red blood cells.

Reduces excessive production of eosinophils and lymphocytes.

It does not allow eosinophils contribute to the development of inflammatory processes, so that they will be neutralized.

Reduces the percentage of proteins in the blood.

Activates the formation of albumin.

Regulates fat metabolism, increasing the fatty acid formation.

It promotes the deposition of fat on the body in the form of “apple”, which is easier to correct.

Regulates the amount of cholesterol produced by the body useful.

Involved in the metabolism of sugars and minerals in the body.

It leads to increased pressure, thereby bringing the state of shock.

It helps relieve the body of toxic waste products.

Opportunities Prednisolone is really impressive!

The rules of interaction

But, in spite of all the effectiveness of the drug, with illiterate use of it can be extremely dangerous. Such properties of pharmaceutical agents require patients to access its use only under the strict supervision of the attending physician. Only a specialist can prescribe the formula of his admission and determine which medicines can be combined prednisolone tablets. After all, most harmless, but ill-conceived combination with other drugs, can trigger severe consequences and even death, it would seem, it is not critically ill. Here are some similar cases:

Cardiac glycosides in combination with prednisone form an explosive mixture that could cause significant disruptions in the work of the heart. Taking the drug with barbiturates, tranquilizers, or by means of convulsions significantly underestimates the effect of the latter.

Combining macrocyclic polyene antifungal antibiotic with the aforementioned tablet leads to myocardial deformation, reduction of the amount of potassium in the blood and cause the circulation. Assistants for many cold medicines containing paracetamol, generally contraindicated to receive prednisone, or lead to edema, increase in the concentration of sodium in the blood, osteoporosis and even structural and functional disorders of the liver. The combination with the same aspirin can cause bleeding.

Diuretics in combination with the drug lead to excessive excretion of salts. Joint course of prednisolone with anabolics provokes water retention, which leads to edema and skin inflammation. In case you need a combination of drugs for tuberculosis prednisolone are special drugs that do not cause resistance. So – no self, only strict compliance doctor’s instructions, which will take into account all these nuances.

Instructions for use

An important role in the treatment plays compliance rate and the amount of the drug. The dosage of prednisolone tablets is determined by parameters of the patient (weight, age), the occurrence of the disease and the general state of the organism. Based on the cycle release corticosteroids, prednisolone should be active throughout the day – 6.00 – 20.00. If the disease begins to progress, may be taking 6 tablets per day. After that, the rate is gradually brought up to 2 pieces per day. When complicated terrain kidney channels and inflamed joints necessary dose prednisolone increases.

By the end of treatment with the dosage is also gradually reduced. But from the sudden stop taking these pills may not only worsening of the disease, but also the adrenal glands stop working. The presence of mental disorders in a patient forced to spend significant doses of prednisolone therapy under close supervision of health workers. Children are usually prescribe not more than 1 milligram means 1 kg of body weight, the daily rate of dispensing of 5 doses. Use of the drug for the purpose of withdrawal of the patient from shock up to 90 milligrams at a time. In the recovery stage, all of its forms is replaced by a tablet form. With little performance effect of the drug, the dose may be increased, but only under medical supervision.

Treatment of this pharmacological agent must be accompanied by supervision of an ophthalmologist, pressure control, fluid and electrolyte levels. Periodically, you need to check blood sugar. Generally, diabetics prescribed prednisolone tablets as a last resort, and that – under strict medical supervision.

To reduce the intensity of side effects in the treatment administered products containing male hormones. To avoid problems with the heart, the drug is accompanied by the use of potassium pharmaceutical and food with this trace element. From the use of the drug with the anticoagulant effect of the latter is activated. The main thing that the dosage, the treatment process and the end of a course of tablets admission carried out according to a formula drawn up by experts for a particular patient. Of course, without this medicine can not do, but it is strictly forbidden to independently take prednisolone tablets. Even after the doctor’s appointment, you should carefully read the instructions for him to avoid the sad outcome.

How does Prednisolone help with coronavirus COVID-19?

Prednisolone is a popular hormonal drug that is often used as an anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of various infections. Today, this tool shows good results in the fight against the complications of coronavirus infection. It is prescribed for patients with a predisposition to powerful immune responses such as cytokine storms. Let’s figure out why Prednisolone is prescribed for coronavirus and whether it helps or not.

Why take Prednisolone for coronavirus COVID-19?

In many patients, COVID-19 begins with respiratory symptoms: cough, weakness, fever. If the immune system does not cope with the viral attack, an inflammatory process develops with damage to the pulmonary alveoli – pneumonia. Infection can also result in damage to other anatomical areas, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Normally, the inflammation caused by COVID-19 is aimed at protecting internal organs. But there are patients in whom the inflammatory process reaches critical values ​​- a pathological immune response begins. He begins to destroy everything in a row – both infected tissues and healthy ones. As a result, there is a large-scale damage to the lungs with a risk to life.

The effects of “Prednisolone” to help fight coronavirus (its complications):

1. The drug relieves inflammation;
2. The drug eliminates allergic reactions;
3. Prednisolone reduces the activity of the immune system;
4. Prednisolone acts on the receptor structures of the cytoplasm, forming special complexes for the formation of proteins.

“Prednisolone” for coronavirus in humans is prescribed in case of severe autoimmune reactions. Taking this drug can effectively suppress inflammation and improve the patient’s condition.

“Prednisolone” is not an obligatory drug – the doctor can, at his discretion, select glucocorticosteroids (GCS) and immunosuppressants for patients with coronavirus.

How does Prednisolone help with coronavirus?

With coronavirus, the doctor can prescribe both a tablet preparation and an injection. In any case, strict specialist control is required. If the patient is hospitalized, then preference is given to injections as a more effective form of the substance.

How does Prednisolone affect the body:

1. Prednisolone lowers the content of globulins in the blood and albumin in tissues by affecting the metabolism of proteins;
2. The drug affects lipid metabolism – increases the production of triglycerides and fatty acids;
3. Tablets affect the metabolism of sugars – promotes the absorption of carbohydrates and activates the synthesis of glucose in the liver;
4. Prednisolone changes the water-mineral balance – decreases the output of sodium in the urine and increases the output of potassium, reduces bone density.

Why are tablets / intravenous “Prednisolone” prescribed for coronavirus:

1. Relieve inflammation caused by infection by reducing capillary permeability.
2. Stabilize the membrane structures of cells and increase their resistance to external negative factors.
3. Suppress the formation of cytokines – the causes of the autoimmune storm – and reduce the production of immunoglobulins.
4. Reduce the release of histamines and reduce the formation and production of allergic factors.

Thus, “Prednisolone” with COVID-19 simultaneously acts as an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent, reducing the risk of autoimmune reactions.

Before prescribing “Prednisolone” to a patient with COVID-19, it is necessary to confirm the risk of immune pathologies by means of diagnostic tests.

Composition and dosage of the drug.

The active ingredient is prednisolone in the form of sodium phosphate (prednisolone).

Release form and composition of “Prednisolone”:

1. Ampoules. In addition to the active substance 30 mg / ml or 15 mg / ml, they contain excipients – E223, nicotinamide, disodium edetate, sodium hydroxide, distilled water.
2. Tablets. Available in 1 and 5 mg prednisolone with the addition of colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, starch, talc, lactose monohydrate.

Dosages and duration of admission are set by the doctor individually, taking into account the indications and severity of the disease. The dose reduction should be gradual. Abrupt withdrawal is contraindicated.

Instructions for use – tablets, injections.

A solution of “Prednisolone” is administered intramuscularly and intravenously. Less commonly, intra-articular. When choosing the method of administration and dose, the doctor takes into account the patient’s condition and the location of the lesion. In case of coronavirus, intravenous administration is preferred.

If a life-threatening condition occurs, the patient may be prescribed ultra-high doses. So, according to the instructions, it is recommended to introduce 1-2 g of the active substance in the form of droppers. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.

After injections, the patient is transferred to tablets. The recommended dose is 20-30 mg per day. With maintenance therapy – 5-10 mg per day. For children, the starting dosage is 1-2 mg per 1 kg per day.

“Prednisolone” is only one of the possible drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus infection, which led to complications. This drug has a lot of contraindications and side effects, so its use should be justified and carried out under the strict supervision of a physician.